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Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now (1979)

At the height of the Vietnam war, Captain Benjamin Willard is sent on a dangerous mission that, officially, "does not exist, nor will it ever exist." His goal is to locate - and eliminate - a mysterious Green Beret Colonel named Walter Kurtz, who has been leading his personal army on illegal guerrilla missions into enemy territory.

Plot Keywords: cia, drug abuse, journalist, based on novel or book, guerrilla, vietnam, vietcong, cambodia, secret mission, army, insanity, surrealism, tribe, mission, green beret, jungle, descent into madness, brutality, riverboat

DirectorFrancis Ford Coppola
WritersFrancis Ford Coppola, Joseph Conrad, John Milius, Michael Herr
Production CompaniesUnited Artists, American Zoetrope
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken Language, English, Français, Tiếng Việt

Alternate Titles

Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now Redux
Haminak Akharozzaman
지옥의 묵시록
Šių dienų Apokalipsė. Sugrįžimas
Apokalypse Nå!
Apocalypse Now Redux
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut
Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier Full Disclosure Edition